Louis XIII.

Louis XIII. was born in 1601 into the royal family of Henry of Navarre and Marie de Medici. His father was murdered When he was only 9 years old and he became the king of France. Due to his young age his mother was appointed as a Regent. When he was 14 years old he was married to Anne of Austria to strengthen the ties with Spain. Louis was then declared an adult. His mother, despite loosing her title, continued to rule France with help of her girlfriend Leonar Galigai and her husband an italian adventurer Louis Concini. Louis as a teenager couldn't accept the role of his mother and so in 16 years he let arrest Concini during which he was killed. From this moment up he became the ruller of the France. In 1624 he requested Cardinal Richelieu to the royal council where he soon becomes a head and a his close ally at the royal court. Ludvík and Ann had two sons. The elder one later became the King of France known as Louis XIV. Louis died in 1643 probably of tuberculosis. .