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No one can avoid the hanging question mark. There’s little time; that, what we do to our Earth isn’t any good... and the expression on the Clown’s face isn’t the final one.

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The Great Dispute of the Ages.

Everyone is involved, even if they don’t realize it. Let’s wait till Judgement Day: one side will certainly be victorious.

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Maranatha - the Lord is Coming.

I am convinced that the owner of this particular wonder, our Earth, will certainly come to the Judgement Day.

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We must know how to handle our state of mind when faced with external factors that form our way of thinking.

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"The Homage to Alcohol".

Is the statement from Jack London’s book, The Star Rover and the Demon Called Alcohol, correct? „The Tribute to the Alcohol speaks to the people it has to speak to.”

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Time Flows Like Water...

This is a true picture about life and death.


New portrait

Witkov Poland By: Josef Vašák

05 | 06 | 2024

New surrealism

The Astonishment of Neptun - By: Josef Vašák

04 | 12 | 2023

New landscape

Holy Trinity Church  By: Josef Vašák

03 | 03 | 2023

New landscape

Spediteur Lowy By: Josef Vašák

04 | 10 | 2022